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About Us 

Founded in 2018, QV offers consultancy and advisory services aimed at providing guidance in tackling business challenges, addressing strategic problems, and bringing startups to greater heights. QV offers a safe environment for innovative startups.


Meet The Team

Consolidated with different backgrounds, experiences and personalities. This combination makes us a strong team who will always collaborate to find ways to bundle each other’s strengths to the benefit of the client.

Saif Al Manji

Founder & Senior Consultant

Saif has an intensive experience providing business consultancy, combined with start-up and entrepreneurial background.

  • Previous member: Daleel Petroleum and Takatuf Oman and Government Entities. 

  • Independent Project Management, BP Oman, Shell Marketing, RBL Group and Al Rajhi Bank.


Nasser Al Rahbi

Junior Consultant

Nasser is an excellent communicator with leadership and problem-solving skills. He has a profound level of experience in the startup domain. 

Alazhar 0L4A5250a.jpg

Al Azhar Al Maawali

Junior Consultant

Engineer and technical auditor who worked in real estate development, the oil & gas sector, as well as the startup domain. Al Azhar takes personal interest in finance and related legislation.

unnamed (3).jpg

Shahad Al Balushi

Junior Consultant

Communication and marketing specialist who excels in visual content creation and social media strategies.

Hanaan Al Kalbani

Junior Consultant

Process engineer with a cumulative experience in both the oil and educational sectors. Hanan took special interest in enhanced oil recovery methods implemented in the field.

hanan 2021.png

Ghadeer Al Khaifi

Junior Consultant

Administrative financial professional with previous experience as an auditor with the big 4 and AP accountant in oil and gas sector.



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